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Concrete Block and liner inground DIY pools

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Having looked at many options for a kit pool I have seen UK designs for a kit pool using solid 450 x 215 x 100mm concrete blocks to form an 8m x 4m shell with a constant 1.5m depth. These seem to require the services of a competent bricklayer with the pipework, liner,skimmer and inlet/outlet and steps etc. purchased seperately as a kit for around £2000.

Has anyone built one of these in France?
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Having read many of your opening posts on your prospective pool, I am still wondering why you are not considering the polystyrene block (No bricky required just a knowledge of Leggo and some re-inforcing bar) and liner pool. The concrete is homologated into one structure as it's poured in one go so stronger than block work ( I would use hollow block and re-inforced concrete anyway as it's stronger rather than solid block). The complete structure is much quicker to build and insulated so the water will be warmer. With low transport costs and you can pick the best pool equipment to go with it too It's a no brainer


[quote user="Sophie666"]Has anyone had the experience of using a Kafko kit pool which I understand is available in France?[/quote]

[quote user="Sophie666"]Having considered the alternatives and the cost of excavation for a more permanent in ground pool I am tempted by the Sunsoka wooden kit pools marketed in the UK but to be delivered to my second home in France. Can anyone out there who has had a similar pool sent out to France for assembly there please comment on the experience? It is likely to be used for only a few weeks during each summer so spending a huge amount of money on a different type of manufacture does not seem to make sense particularly as I will be replacing an existing pool same size.I already have a safety cover, pump, filter etc. All helpful comments welcome.[/quote]

[quote user="Sophie666"]Has anyone else out there any experence of installation of a Blokit kit pool?I am thinking of an 8mx 4m pool with a roman end/steps. Is it really feasible as a DIY project?What are the costs involved? Prices in France for this kind of product seem all over the place but I have to replace an above ground pool that was "semi-enterred" and is now in poor condition. My home is in the Cote D`Or, Burgundy.[/quote]


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