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It depends on the price of your water!

Your pool is 18 x 9 x 4.3 cubic feet = 696 cu feet, but we don't have any of those imperial thingies here, so we have to convert to cu metres...

696 cu ft = 19.7 cu metres (I used a web site to do the conversion!!).

So, if your water costs 1,25€ per cu m (which is what ours is), then your cost will be a smidgen under 25€.


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[quote user="littlem1nx"]Hello,

  My husband has told me it will cost a small fortune is he right?


Guess some peoples fortunes are much smaller than others [:)]

Depending on what region you are in there could be a charge as a multiple of the water supplied for the treatment of the used water being taken away (even though it isn't)

So 24€ to fill + possibly 24€ or 48€ for the waste water if applicable.

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Yes, Teapot, I should have added that, but we don't have mains drainage here so it's a charge I don't immediately think of. Is it really as much again as the cost of the water?

People seem to complain a lot about the cost of water but I don't think it's bad at all. Filling a pool to last all summer, not expensive surely.

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It's only our first year on mains drainage but we just seem to keep paying for this and that, all in all water isn't that expensive unless you buy that bottled stuff. I will have an expensive year this year as I want to remodel my pool completely in the autumn so a big water change. 
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True! But is it usually a problem? I could see difficulties if you tried to put a pool on a slope, in which case it would tip/tear/or spill.

On flat ground the weight is distributed over the 18x9 sq ft (15sq metres) so the load per sq metre is not much different to a car standing on that spot? Or have I got that wrong?

So many people have these pools without problems. We don't have a pool so it's all hypothetical for me. [blink]

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Or a waterfall feature? [:-))]

1:4 is very steep; too steep really for an above ground pool.

This is from the Intex website:

What is the steepest slope that I am able to set up my pool on?

The surface must be perfectly flat, solid and level. Pay close attention to the pool's stability and levelness in the early stages of filling your pool up with water. If after about an inch of water is accumulated, and the water is not spreading out evenly, or the pool appears to be bulging to one side, stop filling the pool, drain the water, and select a new level site. If the pool is set up on a slope, the pool will be lopsided and can collapse causing personal injury or property damage.


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