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Zodiac Voyager X2 robot pool cleaner: advice needed


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I have purchased a Zodiac Voyager X2 robot pool cleaner. This is the third model of robot I have owned. The first lasted about 4 or 5 years and was quite good. The second I had for nearly 8 years and was excellent. But a major fault has finally forced a new purchase, of the above model. I am extremely disappointed. It seems to be useless. Sticks in the same area, going from side to side of the pool. Does not climb the walls readily, and does not stay on the wall when descending, but kind of back flips/floats down. Both other robots were way better. I would be grateful if someone who has experience of this specific model would be able to confirm these problems. Or, if they are perfectly satisfied, reply accordingly. I need to find out asap, as I need to decide whether to ask for a refund or exchange. Of course, it could be operator error, but my experience with two other models, with the same basic characterisics, leads me to blame the robot, and not me!


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