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Air in skimmer line

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I appear to have an air leak in my skimmer line - I know this because of the cavitation in the pump housing, and air bubbles present in the inlet jets in the pool.

The skimmer line, and the lines from the drain, and from the vacuum robot line are all tee'd into one pipe just before the pump.

I have isolated both the drain and vacuum lines in turn, and together, and they are free from air ingress, it's just the skimmer line that has the problem.

All union joints and "O" rings are sound, and I don't think there is a leak - the pool level is fairly constant.

It has been suggested that I may introduce a reverse flow through the skimmer line, to ascertain whether or not there's an obstruction.

Apparently, the way to do this is to obtain a 'drain jet' - a hosepipe attachment which inflates a rubber bag to make a seal in the pipe, and allows a jet of water through. I have seen these on line in the UK, the USA and Australia, but can't seem to find the equivalent here in France (I've tried Leroy Merlin, various other bricos, and swimming pool and spa outlets).

Does anyone know where I might be able to find one of these simple devices, or can anyone offer any more suggestions?

I am hoping that there is not a problem in the underground section of the skimmer line...


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