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Pool Liner problem

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Our pool liner has come detached from thing it's attached to in one corner, so there is a gap where water and stuff could get behind.

Is there a solution apart from draining the whole pool and refitting the liner ? I think the liner is guaranteed for 10 years so I assume it covers the fitting as well.

If we do have to empty it, could we leave it to fill up over the winter ? It's 12x6 and around 100m cube so would be a cost to fill up with tap water


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Annoying, I would expect the liner with a 10y guarantee to be a reducing guarantee and not cover the fitting unless it was recent.  Not really the time of year for this work, best left until it warms up in the spring.  Sometimes emptying part of the water in warm weather will give you enough to get the liner back into the liner track. More commonly as you get it back in, the liner moves along the track with more coming out, corners being particularly tricky and often requiring emptying.  A €125 is a lot cheaper than damaging the liner.
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When we had similar troubles a French friend showed us how one can use lengths of electrical cable (single insulated conductor,  ie like what you'd strip out of twin and earth) that you could carefully push into place after you'd "recaptured" the liner into its groove.   It involved cutting lengths to fit,  then carefully easing them in with the blade of a big screwdriver just ABOVE where the liner lay in its groove.   This can give some help to preventing the liner escaping again. 

I imagine it was 1.5 mm or 2 mm insulated cable from twin and earth but as I'm in England I can't go and measure it.  We even bought a reel of blue cable so that it matched!

It's a pain when this starts to happen - for about five years we banned people banned from using the top step of the pool as the liner took a short cut up to its holder - ie if you trod on the step you pulled the liner out.   But it got us through until we had to have it renewed anyway.....

Very annoying for you....

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Just dont do what a German chap I know did....

- "I am sure that I can pull it up and into the groove. I will pull it and you ease it into the groove while I hold it."

- "I really dont think thats going to work..."

(holding pliers) - I will be gentle and just pull a it.......


-"Ah, Scheiße"
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