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Are there any laws regarding neglected swimming pools. The pool of a neighbour very close to our house has been uncared for, for nearly two years. It has a foot or so of stagnant water in it and is unfenced. In summer we have mosquitos and it is very close to our bedroom window. It looks pretty disgusting too.

Any advice anyone?

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Off the top of my head and without looking at any reguls, I would say that the DDASS (direction des affaires sanitaires et sociales) or its equivalent in your departement would be the place to contact. They deal with anything relating to public health.

The "look" of the pool is totally subjective, but the risk to health is the aspect to emphasise when contacting them, particularly if you have young children and/or people with vulnerable health... [Www]

This said, there is no guarantee they will act, but it's certainly worth a try...

Have you had a word with the pool owners? Maybe a quiet, concerned word in someone's ear at the mairie?

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