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How can I reduce water flow?

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So the solar panels I fitted last year work well enough, but I believe a little trial and error with reducing the rate the water flows through them may yield improvements.

They are on a dedicated system, with a suction point at one end of the pool, through their own 1.5hp pump, through the panels which are in two parallel arrays and into a return point in the pool. I believe that the water is circulating too fast to be warmed up as much as it could be.

How could I experiment with flow rates? I was thinking about a variable resistor to act as a speed controller for the pump, but have no idea where to buy one or what sort of spec it would need to be.

Anything else that might work better?

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Dave think slower flowrate and warmer water will not mean the pool water will be warmer. Let's say

2000 lph temp raised by 1 degree C

1000 lph temp raised by 2 degree C

The result is the same.

If you wanted to reduce the flow through the panel put a T in the flow to the panel and one in the return and connect these with a valve.Opening the valve will reduce the flow through the panel and the amount of opening will decide the flow through the panel
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I can't be bothered to help Dave as I have posted on many of your threads before including ponds and you never say thank you or even acknowledge the post as I actually know what I am talking about but you are more of a chancer than Chancer who is a decent bloke.

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