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Zeolite - life of ?

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Hello Clever Bods

I know you're all busy at the moment and sorry to bother you -

But - need help.

We have above-ground pool, (12 x 24ft) with more than adequate pump - filter size is right - and we have the wonderful Zeolite.

At the very end of last year, as we were closing pool, which we had to rush, couldn't give the pool proper clean through.  Water wasn't clear, slightly green - but just had to leave it.

This year, because of the unsettled weather, we're late opening pool.  Pump problems - now sorted.

Pool water was clear but there were funny little lumps of the sort of green algae that you'd expect on the sides of pools after winter - but these were in little round lumps on the bottom of the pool.

We 'scooped' a lot of these out;  we then brushed the sides and 'vacced' to waste all the 'stuff' from the sides and bottom of pool.    Also put in the right amount of chlorine but left water balance which seemed to be on the highish side of normal (hard water area) and we'd put an eighth of fresh water into pool.  The water itself looked very slightly 'cloudy' but I didn't worry because I thought we'd be working on pool in next day or two - but we didn't.

Pool has been opened today;  what was almost clear water has now gone a lovely lime green...

Now put in loads more chlorine, and the PH balance is now down to 7.6.

Pump and filter have been running for a few hours, but water doesn't seem to be clearing.

Horrible thought;  the Zeolite we have in filter is about 5 years old;  we use the pool, very lightly because there's mainly just me using pool;  we run pump and filter during the summer to keep water clean - but the pool is only ever used for 4 months maximum.

Has the Zeolite reached the end of its useful life ?

How long is Zeolite supposed to keep working ?

Almost hate to ask, because Him Who Never Listens is going to hate me, and hate having to disconnect all the hoses, and tip out the Zeolite and replace.

Almost afraid to ask this question - but do long for my lovely clear blue swimpool.

Help please.


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The simple answer to your question is - It Depends!


More Info: As All Zeolites are NOT the same, it depends on the origin of the Mineral you have installed. If it originated from Eastern Europe then it may well be close to end of its usefulness, South African source is a little better but not appreciably, Mexican and South American are a good bit better, but the Best by a country mile is that Zeolites originating from Australia. Why ?  Its a function of hardness, as the first bunch are around 5 on the Mohs hardness scale (quite soft like calcaire nearly or like sand)  http://geology.about.com/od/scales/a/mohsscale.htm  whereas Mexican is nearer 6 (like glass) but the Australian source is the ONLY one which is 7 (similar to Quartz) which offers the longest life of any.


So, it depends on the Brand of Zeolite which can sometimes identified by the colour- so if yours is a reddish pink colour (Australian Source) then you're good for another 5 or so years at least as it will be largely as it was when you first put it in. If yours is beige/grey then it’s very soft and could well be starting to degrade into a powder which will eventually be worse than useless as a filtration media because it will 'clog and cake', so it could well be time to change.


So answer the question then hubby will have to take the lid of the filter and find out what is in there. While he is at it then regeneration of the Ion/Canton exchange properties is a good idea (normally done at the beginning of EACH season).  More on that in the next thread.





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-Oracle -

Thanks for helpful reply.

Can confirm that it was the best - bought on recommendation of top pool man on here - and it IS the reddish brown - so that was fortunate.

The OH opened filter set-up yesterday afternoon;  we have dosed the wonderful Zeolite with salt but only for 18 hours - plus I talked very nicely to the Zeolite - seems to have worked.  Did thorough backwash and rinse as well.  Next time will be treated with TLC for 48 hours.    As it's already the beginning of July and we're only just opening the pool it won't be used very much this summer so hopefully just this short dose will be effective for the next three months.   Would have left the salt treatment for longer but we have friends arriving this weekend - a greenish or cloudy pool would be a bit of a disappointment so felt under a bit of a 'deadline' at the moment.

Pool is now cloudy but clearing - much sighs of relief all round.    And have printed out helpful info from this and the other questions of mine to keep for reference.   I had not realised that Zeolite needed to be treated each season - but is now on our check-list for the future.

I am so grateful for the help and info that is always available on this forum;   I think this time it has prevented one of us (me) - deciding to go back to the UK for a 'short' holiday and a break !!!   Many thanks -


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