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Above Ground Pool - help


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Seen what looks like a few good options on Leclerc site and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the GRE wood range

We are using the home as a holiday home just now popping over 5 or 6 times during summer , but hope to move over within the next 3 years to retire

Next question is about upkeep - if no one available all the time is it wise to leave unattended or will we need a Pool Boy :) to pop in occasionally

Finally - how straight forward to install



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Welcome M455oN

Please post a link to your proposed pool.

You can keep it in reasonable condition whilst you are not around but you will need a good winter cover, winter covers can be used all year they are just heavy cover that exclude the daylight so keep algae growth down. Don't buy a mesh version they are pathetic.

Having someone pop in now and again is a good idea, they can add chlorine and run the pump for a few hours if you are switching off the electricity when you are not there.

The standard pool kit is usually just passable hence why the link to what you are looking at is useful.  Upgrading some of the parts could make it a lot easier to look after and much cheaper to run but more of that later if you wish.

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