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Possible problem with Sterilor sel system


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Hoping one of the experts on here can help. We have a 12m x 4m x 1.5m pool which has a full height cover and the pool is heated so we use it all year round. It has been in for about 4.5 years. I seem to remember being told that the Sterilor Sel system would last for about 4 years. Both the electrode indicators went to zero and are now increasing when the filter system is turned on ( both at 0120 the last time I looked ) but the chlorine level ( which we set to 30 in the winter ) is showing zero. what exactly does this mean please ? Do we need to replace the electrode cartridge or something. I went onto the company website but couldn't find any explanation or guidance. Our pool company were a nightmare and I don't want to have anything to do with them and I don't know who to ask ? Any help greatly appreciated , thank you.
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Whilst I am not an expert on pools (we don't have a pool) ... a quick google, surprisingly, threw up the following clickable link from 2010, which is something to read whilst you wait for a real expert to come along.


Perhaps there is something helpful there, perhaps not.

Good luck.


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Thank you suein56 - interesting to read . Our Sterilor unit has worked perfectly until now and I may be worrying unnecessarily but I was hoping perhaps Théière might reply or someone who has the same system. If I need to order a new electrode part and get it fitted I'd like to do it ASAP before the water goes green If at all possible !
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Morning, [:)] been away at a family wedding, marvelous time.

I do dislike the term expert too media and tabloid for me.

Yes the cell may have worn out, they have a finite life determined by the amount of chlorine being produced. Providing the power unit is working properly then just a cell needs replacing.

To prevent the pool going green add 700ml of Brico shed Eau de javel 20 ltr for around €13 whilst you sort out a replacement cell.

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