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Pool Pump tripping the electrics

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Hello Pool Helpies,

The Mrs has got in touch to say that the pump keeps tripping the electrics.  I'm not back home until mid-October to give it a once over, but is there anything I should be looking out for? The pump was fitted around 8yrs ago and has been working fine over the summer. I don't really want to fork out lots of money if it's something like a dodgy capacitor or leaking seal.

Any advice would be welcome

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Being as it's an induction motor then if it's not actually starting it should take a couple of seconds or more to trip out unless there is a short cct. on the motor windings. If there is a short it will trip as soon as it's switched on. If there is something stuck in the impeller that's stopping it turning then turning the motor backwards by hand could clear it,. You should be able to get to the fan on the end of the motor by taking the fan cover off, or even by poking a small screwdriver through the holes and try to turn it either way.


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Some good news (for once) now I've had a chance to look at it.

It was humming a lot before it got hot and then tripped the electrics.  I could get my hand up the impeller tunnel and turn it by hand to confirm nothing was blocking it. So the next cheapest option was swapping the capacitor...which seems to have sorted the problem, i.e. it now turns immediately on everytime I switch it on...result !

(although when I went to buy the new capacitor, having had a look on ebay for exactly the same thing...5quid from the UK.... 18€ - how much ??? [:'(] )


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