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pool paint.

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Does anyone have advice regarding pool paint?

I am to repaint an existing pool. It is a cream Marbelite finish, which has become stained.

I have jet-washed it, bleached it and jet washed it again.

Any tips for paint types, brand, etc?

I found this online....


seems good, but perhaps pricey? - certainly a lot dearer than the stuff in my local pool shop.

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Well, i bought it anyway. Very fast delivery from UK. Its easy to mix, easy to use, covers well and on Marbelite anyway goes further than I had expected.

3 layers of blue and a final layer of transparent lacquer and its done. It will be fully cured by Monday so will start filling the pool again on Tuesday.

It looks a lot better than I had expected.
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  • 2 years later...
Its been pretty good to be honest.

There are a couple of palm sized bits where it has worn off but this was due to the cleaning robot flipping upside down and thrashing about on the spot overnight. Otherwise its fine, resists staining, has held its colour well..... I have no complaints.

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