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Heath Robinson solar powered water heating for pool - any engineers ?


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Right - another one of my stupid questions.

We have a reasonable size above-ground pool (12 x 24ft - only two of us).

As it's an above-ground, every year at start of summer my OH is asked to connect up all the pipes from pool, to pump to filter etc etc.   It's a job he hates;  and sometimes we have leaks.   This year has been bad, but that's another story.

I just dread trying to add in extra valves and pipes to existing system to try and run some of the solar heated panels that one can buy.

So I'm just wondering; and it's very Heath Robinson, I'm not clever - but would welcome advice and help.

We have a very, very sunny area where the pool is located, the ground is flat;  sunshine from early morning right through until late evening.   (Dry as Death Valley at the moment).

I'm wondering if it is possible to run a small diameter hosepipe, out of the pool, and along this ground, curling back on itself, and then returning to pool (say length of 150 ft).

Taking water out of the pool, which would be at a height of 5ft - then over the rim, round the laid out hose pipe for 150 ft, and then the warmer water returned back into pool, again over the rim at a height of 5ft.   I;m not sure if just using the gravity system would work over such a long distance, and then there's the problem of keeping both ends of hosepipe at different depths in pool - but that can be sorted if a pump system would work.

I need some type of pump, which would operate separately from the existing pool/filter set-up, and which I can connect up myself...........

Wondering if one of the small garden pumps that run the ornamental water features, or one used in irrigation garden systems, might do the trick.  

Anyone any idea of what sort of power I should be looking at ?

Don't want vast amount of water moved quickly;  just nice, steady, gentle flow; slow enough that the water will heat up on its journey.

Obviously there'd be 2 sections of hose; one from the pool to pump, and then return from pump to pool.  Where should such a pump be located along this hose ?   Close to the start of taking water out;  halfway along, or close to the return section back into the pool ?   Hopefully the water in such a length of pipe, if it's just trickling along quite slowly, might heat up enough to take the water from 'bracing' to 'refreshing' or 'pleasantly warm'.

Mainly the idea is to be able to swim earlier and later in summer.......and avoid complications in adding more hoses and return/double valves - must avoid any more connections at all costs.

Any clever or practical bods/engineers out there able to help a complete idiot - think I should rename myself Heath(er) Robinson !!

Bright ideas and advice greatly appreciated.   (I do hope all the above is clear and easy to understand).


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