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White tube in pool filter

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I have emptied the filter of sand in order to fix a broken lateral. At the bottom of the sand was a thin white flexible tube about 50cms long. It is attached at one end to the lateral assembly but not attached at the other end. I think it might be the tube shown running vertically to the left of the inlet and outlet pipes in the attached diagram (see included web address for diagram).

The diagram is not clear as to the placement/fixing of the tube at the top.

Any ideas as to how this tube should be fixed?
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Skyhigh123, it normally attaches at some point near the diffuser or just pushes up through one or two of the holes in the diffuser depending on length. it is supposed to allow any air trapped down below to escape into the filter lid and the air bleed in the lid removes the air when you refill the filter. That is an important point as filters can explode if the air isn't removed prior to switching on the pump.

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Up until a while back, several months, the clear dome on my filter was full of water and clear of air except after cleaning the pre pump filter. It would take a few minutes to clear the air. But in the last few months it hasn't been clearing the air in either the filter or the pre pump filter. I have wondered about it since it started happening, but haven't worried about it very much and with everything else here I haven't chased it.

TP, any ideas what is causing it and how to bring it back to normal mate??? (Ohhh, sorry, to many ??? there init [:-))] )

The pressure gauge reads about 12 to 14 lbs/sq" which is normal and the stopcock feeding the pump is fully open. No leaks that I know of and the water level is constant.

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Morning Jonz,

I would say, baring in mind I am only sitting at the PC 1000's of smiles away. You are drawing in air from in front of the pump.  I would check the O ring on the pre filter or any other O rings for example on the dosing unit probe pot (The pot where the probes are) on mine, I had an O ring split at the start of the season and allowed a little air in. The pre filter O rings are a common place for this to happen. I had to travel all the way to Calais recently to cure just that and I had to make an O ring for an obsolete pump.  A little good quality silicon grease can often help. Molykote 111

Good luck.

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Sand that is too little can go through the laterals in the base of your channel and back to the pool. ... At the point when the channel is discharging the water stream can make the sand ascend sufficiently high and flood into the standpipe, which will permit the sand again into the pool.

The standpipe is really thick and harder to split than the laterals at the base, and just a single of them needs to break with the goal for it to spill sand into your pool. You may never discover how it occurred.

Get new parts for your late spring getaway pool channels pumps. At Polygroup store we offer high caliber honest to goodness Pool pump parts which you have to keep your pool gear running all season.

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