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Zodiac robot problem


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I have a Zodiac Voyager robot which has cost me an enormous amount of money since three major components have failed (all less than 2 years out of guarantee) and the cost quoted to replace them, in total, was not far short of the original cost of the machine.  Obviously a lemon.

I did a deal with the supplier under which I got a new machine for the price of the last replacement.  I suppose that's the best I could expect.  The problem is that the new one doesn't work properly, in that it doesn't climb the walls of the pool.  At least the old one did that, until it failed.

The new version has new and "improved" rollers: instead of the foam, they are made of a kind of ribbed rubber-like material.   I don't know whether they are the problem; the supplier says they can't be, the walls must be too slippery.  (That doesn't explain why the old one managed to climb them.)  But I have to admit that he tested my new machine in his demonstration pool and it worked.

So I have to find a way of cleaning the walls, in case they are contaminated with something.  I really don't want to empty the pool.  I'll scrub the walls with a brush, but does anyone know of a product that would help the process?

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I have similar problem in a tiled pool with Zodiac Indigo, which has the 'new' brushes probably the same shape  and substance  as you have.  I am sure the problem is the substance of the brushes. The robot is pressing against the wall, but the brush is too elastic what results in a kind of swinging  <--> movement at the wall. If I lift it gently, it starts climbing.

I asked at many pool shops (zodiac do not answers) and they recomended me now in Germany the PVA white brushes (both for 30 EUR ) instead of the original ones BESP and the older black PVC brushes. I am waiting these days to have it delivered and to test it.

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Do you have or can you get clip on boyancy but for the handle? I have a Dolphin System2000 that has them. They just clip over the handle. Dead easy. It's the yellow bits on the handle of this http://www.lesliespool.com/browse/Home/Pool-Cleaners/Robotic/Dolphin-Deluxe-Robotic-Pool-Cleaner/D/30100/P/1:100:2000:200020/I/84290 .

If the new brushes you are talking about are the same as this one, they are very soft and pliable, I have not had any trouble with our unit, apart that sometimes we think that it may be trying to climb out of the pool!!!

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My problem with the Zodiac has apparently been solved; in desperation, I got the dealer to give me a pair of the old-type foam rollers, put them on the robot, and as if by magic the thing now works.

I have a tiled pool (perhaps I should have mentioned this; it didn't occur to me that it could be important).   So my conclusion is that the new rollers may be better on liner or shell pools, but don't work on tiles.

The dealer hadn't heard any reports to this effect, but he agrees that it's a possibility.  He did call the factory to ask whether both types will continue in production, and was told that they would.

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