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Hi have just joined . I have asked on other sites for the same advice and have had some sensible advice and also been told to stop wasting my time. I may be wasting my time but I have to at least try. Something is driving me to return to France . I looked into a self employed role working for a well known imobillier , the down side is commission only . There will be no other income . I have savings but don't want to spend it all and have nothing left. We had a small holiday home in Finistere up until recently. It was very isolated with 2 other houses and a big heating bill in the winter and too many disagreements . I have decided I want to return but not live so isolated if possible. I see some people find jobs and some commute to the UK . I wonder if anyone can tell me if there is anything I can do over there to fund a rented place and bills, that way I can hold onto my bit of savings I have as I wont retire for a few Years . I can't stay in the UK as my relationship has broken down and to rent here is very expensive,£700 rent for a small place. I don't speak much French but did intend too but didn't get round to it. I am trying to learn French atm but it's not easy. things don't always go the way you plan and mine did backfire! Won't go into detail as I am trying to think ahead . I need a fresh start but really don't feel there's anything here for me . All the places I look at are so expensive or run down. There is nothing keeping me here , I have no family and friends have moved on so the only thing stopping me is supporting myself in France . If I could just have enough to pay the rent it would help. Pls don't tell me to stay here or I'd be better off here. If I have too work in the winter then go back that's what I'll have to do or find work live this unhappy life for a while till I save enough to get away , just life is so short to be unhappy and live a life your not happy in. everyone deserves to be happy. I also feel I'm not really living just existing and that's not right. I made a mistake agreeing to leave France and now I'm paying the price, I should have looked for a job and another place to live while I was there. I hear some of you already saying stay in the UK but I don't feel I belong here anymore.


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