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titre de sejour permanent

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We went to the Marie and asked about a titre de sejour permanent. As expected they rang the prefecture who said that it was not necessary to have a document to prove this. The secretary then typed out an attestation stating that we had lived within the commune for over five years (she also included nationality, dob and date of entry  from our previous titre de sejour)  The mayor signed it over the commune stamp. It looks pretty official and I'm sure will help if it becomes necessary to prove permanent residence to the CPAM.

We live in a tiny commune and the maire is one of our nearest neighbours so he can say this truthfully. It might not work in a bigger commune.

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Helen, some solid feedback on this would be really useful.  Please keep us posted as to what happens re your CPAM.  As you probably know, our embassy has stated in its standard reply to all our queries, that those with 5 years' residency are entitled to remain in the CMU, and EU conventions back this up.  However to date, nobody has any solid evidence as to the way in which the health authorities will react to this.  It will be interesting to know.
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