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Had a business, but have now closed down; anybody know what the situation is?

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We had a business, but have now had to close it down because

of major problems with the property we  where

leasing. I know the dust hasn’t settled yet on these new regulations but does

anybody know what our situation now is re Healthcare entitlement?

The business was radiated (closed down officially ) as of January this year but

we still seem to be getting our costs paid by Ram rather than CMU, though

we did have CMU-complimentaire until we moved departments a couple of

months ago. We are currently trying to get this back as we are existing on RMI

(we have kids) until we can sort out the wreckage from the last enterprise and,

hopefully, start a new one next year, but the current situation seems to be

confusing CPAM as to out entitlement to this as well.

I'm diabetic so I fear it may be difficult to find alternative insurance, but

the saving grace may be that my partner is non-EU with a titre de sjour so all

this may or may not be relevant to us.


I get my diabetes prescriptions exonerated (100%) but I believe

that this means the full amount is paid by the primary caisse so if I lose this

does that then  mean I will have to pay

all of this myself if I cannot find an insurer?  

Confused of Brittany - otherwise known as Tom

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