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any changes to CMU complimentre ?

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Am I right in thinking that these changes should not affect one right to CMU complimentre cover if you are working but on a low income?

I run my own small buissness and am inscribed with RAM but I used to get the CMU complimentre as my income was less than around 7500€ - I live cheaply!

I've just discovered this expired  at the end of May and on visiting my local CPAM I got a very unhelpful functionare who basicly said that  "it's all changed,  you English  must arange your own cover now"

Is she confusing this with the withdrawal of CMU primary cover or has this changed as well?


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CMU consists of two elements -  base and complimentaire and any withdrawal of rights for 'inactives' will cover both of these. In your case, you are not 'inactive' so the exclusion should have no effect.  I suspect the CPAM clerk may have been confused.

Rather than get involved yourself with the CPAM, you should follow the normal RAM procedure and download the CMU complimentaire application/renewal form from their website and send it off to them.  They will then forward your dossier to CPAM for processing.



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Excuse the delay in replying, but have had a sick relative in the UK . Ah, I didn’t

realize that was the procedure,  Last

time I went straight to CPAM but that was two or three years ago before I

started the business.


I’ve looked over the RAM national and Ram de Bretange sites for the

forms to download like you suggest and can’t see them – can you give me a

direct link? Unfortunately the nearest RAM office is in the next Dept about

100km away.


I did see something that said if you where on low income they may refund

your contributions, has anybody used this or know the details?





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