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Can we have a new posting for the Healthcare changes

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Hi Cat

Just an observation...

On the "Changes to Healthcare... "  thread page, you can see that the sticky at the top was last updated on 29/09/07 which, as everyone knows who's following this terrible saga, is a long time ago.

For that reason I for one have not looked at it since September. But now I look at it today, you obviously updated it on 5/11/07.  Can you make the sticky say when it was actually last updated to make it obvious that it is current? Then there's no need for an update in other threads.

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Good point!

The sticky itself already has a last updated date, so if you hover over it you will see the date.  I've gone in and changed the last update notification in the thread to force a new date of 5/11/07.  Trouble is, that this just might unstick the sticky [:'(]

I'll keep an eye on it.

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