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I have  a friend whose E106 runs out on 6th January 2008 and one of the couple has a pre-existing serious condition. They have been told by their GP that their consulatant has written an appeal to CPAM on their behalf without any prompting. This may be a way forward for others in a similar position.

Just thought I'd pass this on.

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My husband and I will have no cover from 5 jan 08 too, I have an appointment with my consultant on wednesday and I will ask hm to do the same. 

I think the more I read the more I seem to get weighed down, nothing is clear, ie pre existing conditions before moving to france not covered, insurance companies not offering a  policy if they can not quote 'comprehensive' as they do not meet the new rules.  What is comprehensive insurance another good question by another forum member. 

Sometimes I wish I was an ostrich and I would find the biggest pile of sand I could find. 

Cat how about another one of your ditti's as I need a pick me up


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The news looks a little better today, although it is still an unutterable mess.  Goodness knows how those with pre-exisiting conditions who in reality, have around 7 working days to sort this out, are feeling.

These are the (unachievable and unrealistic, in many cases) insurance requirements


We are on your case, and will carry on fighting, have no fear (although I doubt if that makes you feel any better, really.)

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