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Small duties and errands in Besançon


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I came to Besançon this year( I fled from my countries because of issues with Islamic extrémistes)so I don’t have the right to work yet. I’m trying to make some money to enter the Franche Comté language institue to learn French and to make the good use of my time while waiting for my carte de séjour to be issued. because I don’t have any other source of income, I need to find or have even a small work just like go shopping for someone or rune some errands for you cleaning or any other duties you may need.

I need to raise up to 2800€ only.

I would post my mobile number, but actually i am a little bit shy and i don’t wanna give you the wrong idea of me or making fun of me so here is my email address if you feel like helping me at all(e19.mista@gmail.com).

If you feel like donating is a better way may you help me even with a small amount would make such a big difference, even though i would prefer working for every cent I would get.

Here is my IBAN:

FR76 1250 6250 0056 5282 7080 329.

Now i live in a camp in Besançon( codex 25000). I am really in need for a small duties to make some small amount to make even a to be called a life.


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