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Expired 106 holder - what to do for best?

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Firstly, many thanks to all on this forum who have helped to clarify this confusing situation.

Our 106s expired in January, so we expected to be unable to join CMU until E121 is issued in February 2009. As my husband requires regular presciptions/ blood tests, we have arranged private cover (with Exclusive Healthcare) and are now not sure if it is worth trying to  apply for CMU entry; our local CPAM office is at Saintes and judging from other posts, we are unlikely to be accepted!

My concern is, if we are out of CMU for a year, are we going to have problems when we go back to CPAM when the E121 is issued next year? 

We received the letter from CPAM asking us to return our Carte Vitals which we have not yet done but have not tried to use them since they expired in January.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated [8-)]


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Thanks Clair, do you mean that we should cancel the full private healthcare, and not risk the possibility of the E121 not allowing us back in next year?  This not really a good option as delays in getting back in would result in my husband not getting the regular presciptions he needs. Would still like a view on what would happen if we carry on as envisaged with the private care for this year.
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An E121 will entitle you to cover, regardless of whether you have had private or CMU cover.

For now, you can either continue with your private cover if you prefer or go back to your CPAM for CMU registration.

The latest Social Security announcement makes it quite clear that you do not have to go with the CMU.

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