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E106 expires January, does an ALD entitle me to coverage

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I see mentions that if you have a sufficiently nasty illness or accident de la vie, then you can continue to get coverage from the CPAM even after the E106 expires (I'm an early retiree).

Can someone direct me to this please@

Is having a recognised ALD good enough?



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Cooperlola is the expert in this field however my understanding is that 'accident de la vie' is intended to cover events which are sudden and unexpected and if you came to France with whatever you have CPAM ALD cover for unfortunately I can't see how that would fall under that definition.

Best of luck though.

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The accident de vie is an unforseen event which occurs after your arrival in France and which prevents you from maintaining your obligatory private healthcare insurance. One example would be where a new medical condition arises which is excluded under your policy terms and conditions.  Another example would be where your partner dies and leaves you without sufficient funds to maintain the premiums on your private policy. Divorce is another example.

Bringing a nasty illness with you to France doesn't count, I'm afraid......[:(]



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