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Returning to France Will I be able to join the health care system

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We were resident on france and covered by the healthcare system but had to return to work outside the EU.

We are now cominmg back to france and expect to be refused entry back into the system.

Has any one been in a similar situation? and what was the put come.

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I've no concrete evidence, Sunshine, but the terms for the "5 year rule" suggest that 6 months is the absence limit for that :

"Continuité du séjour

La continuité du séjour sur les 5 ans peut être prouvée par tout moyen.

Certaines absences sont autorisées : les absences temporaires ne dépassant pas 6 mois par an, les absences pour l'accomplissement des obligations militaires ou une absence de 12 mois consécutifs maximum pour une raison importante telle qu'une maladie grave, des études ou un détachement professionnel à l'étranger par exemple.

La continuité du séjour est interrompue par l'exécution de toute mesure d'éloignement."

Thus I'd be surprised if you could get back into the system if you've been away for any longer than that.  Less and I'd give it a shot, if I were in your shoes.  Unless of course you could call it a detachement professionel?

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Six months isn't very long to be away but to then be denied back into to the system. That's too bad. It sure seems difficult to get medical coverage if you're from another country. It seems like this is an issue in many countries. I found a good [url=http://www.medicaresupplementshop.com/]medicare supplement[/url] choice for Americans but I doubt there is something similar in France.

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