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Health cover for newborn babies

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after living in france for 18 months doing part time teaching I moved back to england to look after my ill grandad (who has since died), so I moved back to france. While in england I was entitled to no benefits because i have a run down house in France. When I came back to france living with my parents to renovate the house england would not issue the two year health cover as i had not worked while looking after grandad, and now as i am not working because I am doing up the house I could get no cover from cpam in france. I now have private health cover through BUPA covering me in France.I am not getting any younger and am looking at having a baby soon here in France looking after it for the first two years until I finish and sell the house and then getting back to teaching. Thats the background now here is the question!

When I have a baby in France how is it covered insurance wise? ie as it will be a french national will it be covered by cpam or do i need to get a seperate insurance cover for it?

Thanks for your help Dizzy.


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Are you sure your baby will be  a French national? There was a post on here recently to do with obtaining travel documents for a baby and much discussion as to whether the baby would have French nationality. If the father to be is French then that would be a different matter.

Edit: this is the post.


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