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I broke a tooth this morning. Unfortunately, although we have lived here quite a few months we haven't got around to finding a dentist yet. I phoned 4 in Carentan this morning but every one told me the earliest appointment was the middle of May, even though I explained that it was not for a check up but for urgent treatment. Does anyone know if there are places you can go to for emergency treatment (clinic etc)? Literally half my tooth fell out and I really can't hang on for another 4 weeks like this. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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So long as one is a patient all the dentists around here always make room for emergencies. And as my dentists practice is in the valley just below a ski resort I know that he has taken emergency patients.

This is a hard one, what about the main towns, is no one available there. Sounds like you are going to have to insist that someone takes you.

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