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We are going to UK for a week and suddenly wondered what we do for health cover there if we should need it. We live and work in France full time now. Is it the same system as for people coming to France from England, ie there is a reciprocal arrangement and we would be covered in UK, or must we take out personal health insurance for our stay there.
Thanks for any advice
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As you don't have to pay to see a doctor in the UK, or for hospital care it is not a problem surely? Any member of an EU country can get emergency medical and dental care in the UK if they are on holiday. (You would only pay the normal NHS dental charges if you see a dentist)

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You should take an Elll with you, just ring your insurance/mutuelle here in France and they will furnish it. My daughter decided to go to the UK (left yesterday) and when I rang the insurance office on Monday morning they sent a faxed copy through within an hour and we received the proper paperwork yesterday morning just before my daughter left for the airport. You are like us, living and working in France and therefore not entitled to free visit/treatment in the UK unless in an emergency etc.
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