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Health issue in W. France

Diane Rolph

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I am hoping someone can help, but I suppose its a bit unlikely due to the complications of the problem, however, lets give it a try!

Having put a toe in the water by buying a holiday home in France we are now seriously considering relocating there full time. The move would, however, also involve my 86 year old disabled mother who is keen on the prospect of living with us and being looked after. She speaks good French and has spent many happy holidays in France, so I think shed settle happily.

Her main concern and the problem I need to resolve is that she is a diabetic and also a leg amputee. She is currently under the care of Roehampton Limb Hospital and would need to find a similar unit in either 79 or the Loire region. Are there any amputees out there who could advise?

Btw, my mother worked full time to 65 so has paid full NI in the UK. She would not be calling upon the French taxpayer for any benefits.

I realise we would all have to obtain CPAM and understand 70% of medical costs can be reclaimed and that it would be sensible to obtain a top up insurance.

Many thanks
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