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Desperately seeking pain relief!!


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Well the back has well and truly gone!! making the gite beds did it!! can not sit, walk, sleep!! its 3.00 in the morning folks...does anyone know of a chiropractor or acupuncturist near Melle or Niort or for that matter anywhere in South West France to put this 45 year old out of her misery!! waiting in anticipation.... Maria
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Is Saintes (17) too far? I believe that there is a chropractor there to whom a friend used to go. If Saintes is OK I will try to get details.
From a fellow back sufferer (disc removed in 1984 with huge improvement).
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Have you tried looking in Pages Jaunes? There are Masseurs Kinestherapeutes (which are physiotherapists - I think) and 'Medicine General Orientation Acupuncture' both listed in the Correze edition. The acupuncturists addresses are Brive, Tulle, Servieres le Chateau and Ussel. I am sure there must be some in Bordeaux as well.

Hope you are mobile again soon.

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