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I hope someone out there can help me with this.
My sister was due to come to France with us in September but has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy(?)
As she is already being treated for the illness will she still get free treatment under the reciprocal agreement as insurance companys are now not interested.

Terry Larratt
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Will she be using her E111 or another form. The truth is that I don't know about this. We don't usually get anything 'free' here anyway, the CPAM only pay up to 70%, although for severe illness one has to apply and then can be reimbursed at 100%, if they agree. If she is on holiday I can't see them agreeing to reimburse @ 100% just like that and I don't even know if the E111 should be used for other than what would be considered emergency treatment, rather than coming to France and simply using the services here. I think that you should get in touch with the SS office in the UK and perhaps the hospital that would be doing her chemo in France and seeing what they say, you would obviously have to book her rendez-vous anyway as I don't think that one can just walk in off the street to get this done......?

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Is your sister coming on holiday or permenantly? If she is on holiday then E111 is for emergency treatment only.If she is having ongoing treatment then you have to contact Dept of Health in London international division who will consider issueing a E112.Read Health advice for travellers re this.If coming perminantly then she requires a E106 issued by DSS Newcastle.This can take up to 3/4 months to obtain
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