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This is to reassure anyone needing dental treatment in rural France. Recently a recurring problem in a crowned molar drove me to seek help. An infection was diagnosed, antibiotics and mouthwash and painkillers prescribed and an appointment made for extraction the following week. The cost of the first consultation was 16 Euros. The extraction cost 26 Euros. This was achieved in a village of some 300 souls in rural France. Madame, la Docteur Dentiste, was extremely elegant, attired in aubergine linen and pale mauve suede shoes. Her surgery was very clean and stylish, with good CDs and some good Art on the walls. So unlike our own dear NHS.
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As the others have already said, it depends where you go for your NHS dentistry. I worked for a dentist in the UK who had build up a group of NHS practices in Norfolk and Suffolk. His standards where high, his surgeries clean and welcoming, the equipement new and the staff first class (but then I would say that as I ran three of the practices!!?). However I am pleased to hear about the French dental service you received, but like everything it probably varies from place to place. I'm also a nervous patient (show me anyone who works for a dentist who isn't!) and am not looking forward to my first trip for a check up.

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