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Private health insurance - further complication?


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I read with interest the other mail thread regarding private medical insurance for those of us who have retired early and are also not able to obtain an E106 from the DHSS. We are in the same position and are looking now at private insurance before moving to France in January.

I had comfirmation that private insurance was acceptable in order to obtain the CDS until such time as we are able to register with CMU (for which the residents permit is necessary).

Having obtained quotes from a number of UK based brokers, I discover in the notes sent to me by one of the companies that private schemes from the like of BUPA, PPP etc are no longer acceptable in France because they are deemed not to provide adequate cover. I therefore assume that I must search out a French insurer.

Has anyone experienced this problem, and if so then does anyone have contact details for a decent French scheme - with a reasonable termination period also, as we we obviously need to cancel it as soon as we are accepted into the CMU.
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True the cover provided by the private company must at least match that provided by the state scheme. In my case to obtain the cds I have at present private health cover from a company called Alptis. This was arranged by Bernard Viboud ( he speaks english) of 18b rue Pasteur, 26000 Valence, tel 0475815004. The insurance is issued for a year/part year at a time expiring always on the 31 December. You have to give 2 months notice to cancel. As stated elsewhere I am changing to Exeter Friendly on 311202.
I hope this helps.
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LAST EDITED ON 06-Nov-02 AT 06:16 PM (GMT)

Why not apply for social security/CMU registration now ? Well, as soon as you've got your CDSejour, which you have to apply for within 3 months if arriving anyway ?

E111 should cover in meantime as you can be merely "on holiday" and not resident - and were fine for our CDS application (if indeed we needed to submit them at all, which I can't remember now)

In fact, if my memory serves me well (we were in similar position to you, but with E106s that expire at end of this year), you HAVE to do so (register) once your E111/E106 expires - and of course pay the 8% on most income.

Then just take out top-up health cover.

Best wishes

Chris and Martin
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I have just been given a article from THE NEWS (french newspaper for the english if you haven't already come across it) re: health cover. Apparently since 2000 anyone registered as living here must apply for and will be given health cover. If you are under a certain yearly wage level you will be given 100% cover. Anyone with private cover or BUPA should check that this still covers them.
I'm sorry if there is not a lot of detail here but I was only told about this last night and have not read the article fully. It probably would be worth looking into though if it concerns you.
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You have been reading insurance pornography! Unfortunately many insurers do not really have a good grasp of this legislation and as a result they confuse potential clients. If you have private insurance when you first come to France then this is OK because by definition you are not yet a legal resident of France. A private health insurance will be acceptable proof of health cover to obtain the carte de sejour. Indeed E111 will satisfy this bureaucratic requirement although it is a somewhat precarious provision of health cover. Once you have shown stable residence in France for at least 90 days you can apply to affiliate to CPAM. But the timing of your affiliation can be critical and if you wish to contact me on your individual circumstances my e mail address is below.


Peter Owen
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