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health cover E106

keith dc

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When we first came to France about six years ago, the E106 covered both my wife and myself. This gave us about 15 months cover, so check your two years expectation.
However, I have read very recently that the E121, for retired people fully covered by the UK health system, although formerly a "one family" document, is now being re-issued at one for each person, although we have not yet received ours. So again, check with the British authorities to see if the E106 is also being changed.
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>If i obtained E106 cover,for say
>2 years .does this also
>cover my spouse to enable
>us both to get our
>carte de sejour.can anyone help

It used to but I believe that mjc is correct in saying that soon an E106 will be required for each member of a family.


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My husband still pays UK tax but I do not work in the UK or France and have just received my E106 from Newcastle, it's for one year but covers me as a dependent and the DSS told me that if we have children just to phone up and they'll get added and phone up to renew in a years time. However my husband has just got a contract in Nice and it looks like we'll have to pay French tax anyway so it'll ease the paper process.
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Can anbody advise please! I should be packing as we move over permanently on Sunday but I thought I would stop for a cuppa and read through the forum (was that a mistake!!) now not only am I worried about the move and whether everything will fit in to the lorry!! I'm concerned that we shall not be covered properly over in France. What I wondered was that when I applied for health cover we were sent form E109. My husband will be working still in London but will travel over for long week-ends. Does any one know what the difference is between E106 and E109? We have not applied for our Carte yet so does that have anything to do with it? Am I worrying unnecessarily? We are not of retiring age although obviously I have had to give up work.

Regards Rosemary
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My wife and I have just received our E106 but they are for 14 months not two years as we had been led to believe. My wifes says that she may be entitled to an extension and they will notify her. all the books that we have read say they should last for 2 years. any comments?
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