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Children's vaccinations

james Mallett

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?????????? I don't understand what you want to know.

You will have to go and see your doctor and that will cost you 20, or more if they chose. A specialist has a bigger allowance from the CPAM and they too can charge what they want. You will get a % back from the state for this, any 'extra' charged by your doctor will not be taken into account. The doctor will give you a prescription and you will buy it. You will get either a 100% of this money back or a %. Then you will keep the vaccine in the fridge until the next visit to your doctor who will give the jab and sometimes they charge the 20 (or whatever they charge) for this and sometimes they don't. As the E111 should only cover 'emergency' cover, I would imagine that you would need to be using one of the alternative forms for things such as these.

Your mutualist should make up the 'excess' you have paid, but usually won't make up any surcharges made by doctors.

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A lot of english people coming to France don't realise that you can get free vacinations for everyone in the family. Check your local paper for an announcement by the Centre Mdico Sociale which is part of your local hospital,albeit in a different place. You can have any jab you like - BCG,Tetanus,Polio etc and it costs nothing. They will ask for a Carnet de Sant for your child but if you don't have one, they may provide you with one. We've always gone here for our jabs as an english nurse friend actually does the clinic once a month and told us about it.
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See my posting below. We never pay for the jabs as long as we go to the Centre as the idea is to get people vaccinated whatever, not have diseases rear their heads again like Dhiphtheria (sorry about spelling) which has been discovered in Paris recently after an asian man arrived with. I suppose there is a little stigma attached with going to the centre in that you find refugee types there,but who cares we are foreigners as well and it makes for interesting chatter.
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