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We've just received our E121 forms from the DSS here. They tell us to take them to the CPAM. I've looked in the yellow pages and found the main office in Toulouse near us, but can they be dealt with locally, through our local Mairie, for instance? As we're going for a visit next week, but not moving until 9th January, can we do it in advance? Can anyone tell me what the procedure is?

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Hello Sue,

You will be able to deal locally. In rural areas a CPAM rep will visit local villages where in your area once a week for perhaps half a day. Your Mairie will be able to give you details.

Although you have your E121 you will also need to provide proof of residence. This normally means "carte de sejour" although just a couple of electricity bills may do the trick. If you do not have a "carte de sejour" then your Mairie will tell you what documents have to be produced for you to obtain it. I would take those to CPAM aswell!! It is important that you lodge an application with full supporting documentation as you will then have CPAM cover from that date. It may be some time before you actually receive your social security number and even longer before you receive your "carte vitale" but should you need hospital treatment, for example, CPAM will confirm with the hospital/clinic that the cover is there.

Peter Owen
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