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E106 running out and request for P60 from the CMU/CPAM


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Our E106s run out on January 4th 2003. We have a letter from the DHSS saying that we are not entitled to further cover from the UK by virtue of the fact that we have had E106 forms which were given to the CPAM when we arrived in France in May 2001. ( Neither of us are yet of UK retirement age). We have been to see the people at the CMU/CPAM in Niort about being adopted by the French health system. They have asked for all the usual stuff like marriage certificates and birth certificates as well as our last French income tax papers (which are for that portion of the French tax year after May 2001) and our P60s for the year 2000/2001. ( I assume so they can look at a figure for Jan, Feb, March and April 2001 not covered by the French tax forms.)Herein lies a potential problem as we were both employed up to November 2000 in my case and March 2001 in Jackie's case. I am concerned that they will evaluate our contribution based on the figures for income given on these P60s when for at least part of that tax year we were both employed and earning more than the pensions we both receive now. Has anyone any experience of this and how do you ensure that they base the contribution on the income since retirement; i.e. pensions, and not, in part before retirement. I know I may be anticipating problems but forewarned is forearmed! All replies gratefully received, worried John!
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What I would say is expect the worst. I realise it isn't quite the same but when paying retrospectively this is what can happen, here is an example regarding income tax:- When a person retires they will have to pay the tax on the previous year's income from what will be now their pension. That they will be earning a lot less won't matter, that will be what was due.

So it could well work out like that in your case too, expect the worse case and if they don't use all the figures as you are imagining they will, it will be a bonus.
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