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Private Ambulance Vs SAMU ??


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LAST EDITED ON 21-Dec-02 AT 06:08 AM (GMT)

Could someone please explain the difference between using a private ambulance company, of which there are two in our village, and SAMU. Are the private ambulances glorified taxi's or do they privide treatment to the injured/sick person? I have an elderly relative staying and would like to be prepared for all eventualities - not to mention an accident-prone 4 year old!
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In fact most French people I know people say to phone the Fire/pompiers before the SAMU, as these generally arrive quicker than then SAMU. In theory the SAMU should have better paramedic help. When my son was injured in a fall at a supermarket it was the Pompiers that were called and took him and my wife to hospital

Unfortunately I think the service/s are patchy and depend where you live. As with other things either check with the mairie and/or ask around to find out what other people use.

And yes the ambulances are generally glorified taxis who, BTW, mostly drive like idiots.



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