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Patients in Corridors, Under staffing......


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I was talking to a friend today. She works at our local big hospital.....she was going mad and said that they had been having to leave patients in corridors, in surgeons offices. There was no where to put these folk.

BUT there were beds being unused in the same hospital because there was not enough staff to staff them. These included three specialist beds in intensive care and quite a lot of beds in A&E.

In our region there obviously isn't enough money to keep the hospitals running as they should and our region is thriving.....So it beats me how there are some regions where there is 'instant' access to all medical services. At what point will the plug be pulled? I just don't understand how medical staff can be stood around doing 'nothing' just 'in case' patients come in......

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Why are the patients only on trolleys and in offices in France, at our local UK hospital recently they had ambulances stacked in the car park with patients waiting for admission.

We can out-do each other with horror stories, the truth is that with medical care getting more and more expensive each year, something has to give - and it is usually the patient and the staff at the sharp end, never the administrators - of whom we now have more than actual medical workers.


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Havn't heard of this locally, perhaps inthe cities. Did hear from my nurse friend at the local hospital that french patients were livid that some brits were coming to have operations before them,free under this NI "send them abroad" scheme inthe UK currently. Won't be long before there is a big hue and cry from the paying for health public in France if outsiders jump the queues.
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