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Sick leave from UK employer


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We're resident in France, working full-time for UK employer. The latest problem we've thought of (and there have been many!) is what happens if we're sick?

If you live and work in the UK, you give your sick note to your employer, and through the national insurance system they claim back the money they've paid you for being sick. BUT if we're resident in France, we pay our taxes and social security in France, so where would our UK employer reclaim their money from? More to the point, what would WE have to do in that situation?

Zut, maybe I'm just learning why (apparently) so few people do this thing of working in one country while resident in another. Mince!

Any help would be much appreciated,
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Sorry, but I'm not with you on this one!!

The NHS doesn't pay your employer anything! The NHS is the means by which you receive healthcare. You being paid to work and unable to, is something for your employer to reconcile!

You situation sounds the same as mine insofar as you need an E106 to show to the Maladie people so that you dont pay 8% in France on top of your 11%+ in UK. Assuming you're paying tax and NI in the UK.

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