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Working as a nurse in France


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I don't know if any nurses out there can help me with this but thought I'd ask anyway...

My partner and I are both registered nurses in the Uk. He's already living in France and I'm due to move out in about 6 weeks. The NMC have told me they will issue us with certificates to verify our registrations but have asked us to let them know which nursing body (the French equivalent to NMC)to address it to. Apparently there are several in France but I'm not sure how to find out which one we need. We are living in Castres, about an hour from Toulouse. Any ideas anyone ??

Thanks a lot,

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Dear Debbie,
I cannot help you with your question but maybe you can help me?
My family and I are aiming to move to France within the next year. I am an RGN and RM. I dont want to do this forever but will probably need to for a couple of years, can you give me any advice about nursing in France? Where can i find a job in the first place? How good does my French need to be? What is the pay like?
Thanks Sheryl
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