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Our daughter 3 yrs, starts at maternelle on monday morning and we have been told that she must have the BCG test/vacination before certain activities such as swimming can be undertaken.
This is obviously a lot younger than normal in England (12yrs) but never the less necessary. Any one with experience of this advice sought as I am wondering whether to get this done here in 49 or when we return to England for a short break in middle of March. Any info welcome
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I had my daughter vaccinated just before Xmas as I wanted to use the crche when we went skiing and so that she has it when she starts maternelle in September. She is 2 years old. I visited my doctor's surgery and explained what I wanted. My doctor saw me quickly between appointments to give me a prescription for the test. I made an appointment for the afternoon where he administered the test and told me to come back in 3 days time. This I did and he saw me again between his appointments in the morning to see if the test had reacted and, as it, he had wrote a prescription for the vaccine and I made an appointment for that afternoon. It was so simple and the doctor so kind not making me wait with my daughter just to pick up prescriptions etc. We have to go back in one year to have the test again to make sure that the vaccination has taken properly.

Before we came to France I had my son vaccinated with the BCG and asked the doctor if there was a medical reason for the UK not to vaccinate until 12. He said it was just policy to have it done at this age and that some babies in the UK do have it if they are deemed to be at risk.

Hope this helps.
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