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Health repayments.


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We have registered with the CPAM and have taken out top-up insurance to cover the 30% odd which is not included within the CPAM cover.

Could someone please explain to me how and when we reclaim payments made to the doctor and any prescription charges?
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LAST EDITED ON 20-Mar-04 AT 11:42 PM (GMT)

When you get a carte vitale this can be done automatically as long as the doctor etc is equipped to read the cards.

Until then, and for non-equipped establishments (at least this is how it works in our departement, other CPAMs might be slightly different).

The doctor, pharmacy, dentist etc. will give you a form (feuille de soins) as a receipt. The sticky bar code labels from any medicines will be affixed to this. You fill in your social security number, sign it, send it to your CPAM with a copy of the prescription, and you will get a payment straight to your nominated bank account two or three weeks later. Your topup insurer will be notified by CPAM and will also reimburse you their portion.

I note that you have already registered with your CPAM - for others reading this, if not you will need to do this first in order to get your social security number, register your bank details etc. Take proof of identity, address, any E forms etc.

Will (50)

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