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Hello all,

I am new to the site, although I have lived in France for 4 years, during this time I have never visited the dentist, (mainly fear), but that was the same in the U.K., can anybody reccommend a Dentist in the Bergerac Area who speaks English (I am terrified enough without having to put my brain into French Gear).

Love the site, hope to join in many more discussions in the future.

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firstly to say you have my every sympathy and empathy on fear of dentists(mrs O here...)secondly without sounding superior , surely Dentists are educated people and I would have thought that like Doctors have had more than a basic grounding in English and most would speak enough English to overcome your problems and fears! Do you have any frieinds ,French or otherwise to either accompany you to a dentist OR ask for guidance? sorry I cant help you further but please don`t leave it too long....when Mr O sees this he will quote kettle and pot!
on both the language and teeth front!!
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I've never been bothered about the language thing even from the beginning. However, what I did find out and for me the most important as I am truly a scardy cat, is the sort of treatment one gets here.

I have been to dentists who have had me going back three or four times for a simple filling. Some of them believe in doing a little and putting in a temporary filling until it is all done. So for nothing at all I have been a nervous wreck. And there are lots of dentists around who use this 'gentle' method. It is absolutely no good for me at all. I have a great dentist now, he is quick, does what needs doing and that is it.....he'll even do more than one filling in one go..... really amazing.

So language really for me was the most unimportant...... I couldn't do with prolonged torture, I prefer my 'fixes' to be done as rapidly as possible. And let's face it learning open wide and see you in six months are not hard to learn. Better for me than them saying come back next week and next week and the week after, for one little filling......
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