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Two days after my mother came to stay with us she suffered a blackout and hit her head quiet badly neccessitating a visit to the local casualty department.

She is so impressed with her treatment. She was seen 5 mintes after she arrived and was done and dusted, including stiches and a scan, within an hour and a half. We returned the next day for a neurologidcal test and she was in the room after two minutes of her arrival and out within the hour. She has to return for the stiches to be removed before she goes home and she will have the test results to take home.

The whole experience was not traumatic for her, she is 79, and she keeps telling people how well she was treated. The hospital was clean and everyone very polite and caring. Not, she says like her experiences in England.

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Glad your mother had such a positive experience!

My hubby was taken ill on holiday a couple of weeks ago and could have been in hospital today receiving expensive treatment had he chosen to stay in France. We needed to come back to the uk though as I had to return to work, and he will now have to wait at least another two to three weeks before he receives the same treatment here. Still, hopefully he will be fit and well for when we move out permanently next month.

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