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Is it possilbe to use a medical centre/ Doctors surgery to obtain a private perscription here in France, or do i need to find a private doctor- any advice what i should look under in the yellow pages.
Many Thanks,

Richard (Aude)

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>Is it possilbe to use a
>medical centre/ Doctors surgery to
>obtain a private perscription here
>in France, or do i
>need to find a private
>doctor- any advice what i
>should look under in the
>yellow pages.
>Many Thanks,
>Richard (Aude)
Dont know what you mean about a Private Prescription. We just went to our local GP with a copy of our English prescription, he looked the drug up in his book and voila!! we had a French prescription! As we were not registered at the time with CPAM, we had to pay the whole price. Which wasnt a whole lot more than the presciption price in the UK I might add!!!!

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