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Probably a silly question, but....


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This really does seem like a silly question now've I've come to put "fingers to keys" and probably has a very obious answer but I'm going to post it anyway!

We have a house in France but don't reside there full time. I'm planning to go over with the children for a couple of months in the summer and I'm bothered about what to do if I need the doctor or dentist for them, or indeed myself.

How does it work? I've got to locate a doctor/dentist in the village yet but assuming I can manage that, if one of the children are ill do I phone him/her, just turn up and what do I do about paying. I have an E111 but as I'm going for a quite a while I'm planning on taking out extra cover.

Many thanks.
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>We have a house in France
>but don't reside there full
>time. I'm planning to
>go over with the children
>for a couple of months
>in the summer and I'm
>bothered about what to do
>if I need the doctor
>or dentist for them, or
>indeed myself.

In a non-emergency you just ring up and make an appointment, or go direct to the surgery of your choice. If you need a doctor out of hours they normally have an answerphone service with another number to contact. Otherwise, in an emergency just call 18 or 112, the latter being the international emergency number.
If your French is not up to scratch ask a neighbour or friend to assist or come with you. Most doctors have a reasonable grasp of English due to their medical training.

In my experience, when my children had non life threatening accidents or injuries we found it quicker to drive them to the hospital or doctors surgery direct for treatment. This does depend on how remote you are and the nature of the problem of course.

>what do I do about
>paying. I have an
>E111 but as I'm going
>for a quite a while
>I'm planning on taking out
>extra cover.

In France, unless you have a carte vitale you pay the doctor or hospital or consultant direct for a consulation (around 20 euros). He will give you a brown form called a feuille de soins which you keep and claim back with your E111 in the UK.
In an emergency ie; car crash or serious accident you will be given free cover and you may have to show your E111. You will only get back around 65% of your fees unless you have additional private medical insurance which you say you have.

With your additional medical Insurance you will probably find you have an international number to ring which may have an English speaking operator who may liase with your French counterpart.I would read up on the policy to see what you are actually covered for before leaving for France.

It is also a good idea to carry a note of your pre -existing medical conditions and any medication you are taking just in case it is needed.

Years ago before lived in France I came here for a three month period with two young children so I can understand your apprehensions. (sp?).

Best of luck and have a good trip!

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