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Health Insurance - cost??????


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Anyone got any idea of the cost for health insurance for two adults - reasonably healthy in their 40's and a child of 13 years?

Which are the best Insurance agents to use?

Grateful for advice and help

Angie (85)

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I assume you are talking about top up medical cover in France? This type of insurance called a Mutuelle varies considerably in it's premiums depending on the level of cover you decide to take. It depends on many factors and the level of cover you choose. Most good mutuelles are regional ie; Mutuelle du Mans, although all the maor insurance agents have policies. from my own experience, I would hazard a rough guess between say 60 - 120 euros a month depending on what cover you require, although you really need to make an appointment to discuss it with an agent.

best regards,


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I agree with Paul but this is a personally tailored top up insurance and everyone has different needs, so you need to get several quotes and work out the best deal. We actually spent two days doing this when we first came here,so be prepared to discuss and ask questions with the insurance companies.
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