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The new European Health Insurance card


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The Department of Health website gives the following information:

E111s will cease to be valid throughout the EEA and Switzerland from 1 January 2006, when they will be replaced by the European Health Insurance card. UK issue of these cards will not start before 2005 and application arrangements are not yet finalised.
Prior to 1 January 2006, you will only need to apply for another E111 if you use it to claim for treatment and it is not given back to you, or if you mislay it.
However, please note that your E111 will cease to be valid if you go to live outside the UK.


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I mentioned these new cards to our nurse when she visited yesterday and whether they would replace our Carte Vitale. She replied that if they did, it won't be for a very long time yet as far as she had heard.
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