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CAF payouts for pregnant mums


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I was informed that when you are pregnant you will receive a lump sum payment in the 7th month from the CAF. Can any one verify this and how much money would I get? Or what is it based on? There are so many lovely things I want to buy but don't want to get my hopes up about any large payments.

Thanks in advance

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I've recently got mine. I had my 6 month check up and the nurses, doctors and the receptionists all told me to make sure I came for the 7th month one and help them fill in the paperwork. I'm sure it was to kick start the payment from the CAF. I went for the 7th month check up on something like the 28th of the month and had the money transferred into the bank by the 7th. You have to send them paperwork after the birth to maintain the monthly amounts. but the big PAJE payment I think was 808E, it was definitely over 800E. Very handy and has easily paid for my purchases, the nursery is now finished http://pipandphil.com/photo/index.cgi?album=Jacques_and_preparation_for_his_arrival&mode=view if you fancy a peek.
You have to be earning under the specified limit but I'm sure you'd have filled in the declaration of resources by now.
the website is quite helpful www.caf.fr
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